Frequently Asked Questions – Support



I got my package, but not the MasterCard. Does that not come in one package?
The MasterCard is sent from PFS in London… not Karatbars. Although the companies are linked by security features… They are 2 separate entities.


My online bill/screenshot/envelope was declined. Can you tell me why?
That is NOT an acceptable form of Proof of Address. To ensure that safety and integrity of the accounts Karatbars requires a document that is actually mailed to you.


FAQs 3D TextWhy did the system purchase a gram of gold in my account without my authorization?
Page 24 of “Marketing Plan download… “AutoSave “
You must have earned commissions and not acquired any gold. The company promotes Gold Savings, thus helps you accumulate gold by paying you in paper money and real gold money.


My purchase did not go through and when I now try to submit the same bonus code on the new purchase attempt, the system says ‘invalid’. Can you send me a new bonus code?
Check INVOICES under MY GOLD tab… the transaction is either pending and processing and held there until processed or reset, or when ordering again, which is under Purchase page after clicking “ Checkout “
You may have missed   _“Fixed Discount” Apply discount under Bonus code submission area.

Please note once a bonus code is typed in, it remains in the BACK OFFICE waiting to be used. You can find the still valid bonus code, if you log into the BACK OFFICE, choose the PRODUCT PURCHASE section and click on SUBMIT BONUS CARD.
There you will see that it is submitted and waiting to be used.

In order to apply your already submitted 100€ discount on a future purchase, please make sure to click on ‘Fixed Discount: 100 € (Approx. US $ 112) Would you like to apply this Bonus Card discount?’ in the CHECKOUT PAGE.
Please note, that the bonus code is never lost and almost always successfully submitted
regardless of the success of purchase attempt.

Please note, you can only use one 100 € Bonus code per applied purchase.
The 3% bonus code is good for 365 days, Upload it once, and gives 3% Preferred Price for a year.


I purchased a package and now I can only see the KYC page. Is this a glitch?
No… if you register an account and buy a package, you will be taken to the KYC page to upload your KYC documents to Secure, Protect, and Establish your identity and insured delivery address. You cannot purchase anything more until you load the documents and they are APPROVED.


wttw_support-faqI set up an auto purchase, but why does the system not apply the 3% discount which is already submitted?
On an Auto – EXCHANGE purchase, which is a Voluntary option to acquire gold regularly, monthly or weekly, by ‘ Set It and Forget It ‘registration and purchase on a credit card, it is a Fixed amount, so the purchase gives you 3% more gold, not takes away 3% of the Euro amount.


Why did the 100 € discount code I submitted not apply on my bronze/silver/gold package?
The 100€ discount is only applicable on VIP & VIP Exclusive packages and package upgrades to VIP & VIP Exclusive packages, Bonus Card Bundles, Multi Gram Cards and Branding Card orders over 250.
You can use the cards for yourself and/or potential customer or affiliates.

Once submitted it can be found in the back office. Choose the PRODUCT PURCHASE section and click on SUBMIT BONUS CARD.

Please note, that the bonus code is never lost and almost always successfully submitted regardless of the success of purchase attempt.

The 3% discount is applicable on ALL physical gold purchases (NOT PACKAGES) and once entered in the affiliates /customers back office will automatically apply on all gold purchases for one complete year or (12 months). The 3% code can also be used for the Multi Gram Card.


I tried to place a purchase, but why can I now only choose the upgrade packages, not the package I intended to purchase?
Check your INVOICES under MY GOLD tab, you must have a pending –processing incomplete order, or Bank Wire. A Credit Card purchase will either process or clear within 4 hours or overnight, or Reset to show nothing at all.

Once the payment is processing and stuck in pending, you see an ‘open payment’ in the Invoice section. After 30 minutes stuck in pending a Cancel button appears. All you have to do is click on the cancel button.

If you did not, then it is still set as an open payment. Therefore the option to purchase the same package is automatically unavailable.

Sometimes an order is made that requires the order to be VERIFIED and your bank has tried to contact you by phone, text, or email, and you haven’t responded. A Bank Wire only creates an INVOICE, TO BE PAID BY PRINTING OUT AND TAKING INTO A BANK TO WIRE FUNDS. SEE SPECIFIC INFORMATION.


I just received my MasterCard, why is the balance zero?
For security and protection purposes, MasterCard doesn’t put money on the card in transit. You must ACTIVATE the card, and verify that in your back office under CARD LOG IN under COMMISSIONS tab. Once the card is received, you must log into the back office, choose “Card Login” within the Commission section and type in the last 6 digits of the credit card number. (You do not login to PFS.) You may try to enter the digits 3 times and if the numbers to do not match the numbers in our system, the card will be blocked until validated by our staff. In this case you are advised to send an e-mail to for staff review.
(This email is ONLY for blocked card review and not for PFS card services.)

With a successful match, you will receive any pending commission due on the FIRST Friday following back office activation, meaning the previous security time buffer of 2 weeks before the first commission payout no longer applies.

Then get your pin (numbers listed here also). The following Friday the Monies will be automatically deposited onto card.


faq-444I purchased 2 weeks ago. Where is my order?
Depends on what you order and orders in front of your order.
Generally for Packages allow 2-4 weeks for delivery, Gold orders allow 4-6weeks for delivery. Mixed orders may take longer than usual, and time sensitive orders Acknowledged by Corp get some priority.

What do I send to people so they can sign up under me?
You were given 4 referral links for different purposes to register people. They are found under PERSONAL REFERRALS under TEAM STATISTICS tab. One of those is your Personal Referral Link
You can simply copy and send that to your prospect, or your landing page link, or walk them through a registration by clicking on the link itself, it will take you directly to the registration page and you should see YOUR sponsoring information populated into the boxes at top of registration page. NOTE: if you have more than one tab open with it may not populate properly, as a security feature disables it.
Make sure you only have one LOGGED IN

Please log into your BACK OFFICE, choose the TEAM STATISTICS section and click on PERSONAL REFERRALS.
There you will be able to find links to send out to potential customers and affiliates. Your personal referral link you should send out to potential affiliates.
Your personal shop link for potential customers ONLY
And your personal landing page link also for potential affiliates.
Please always DOUBLE CHECK the link you sent out matches its purpose.

If your affiliate will click on REGISTRATION after clicking on your link, he will automatically be signed up under you.

In order to check on your own referral link/sign up new people, please make sure you are logged out from your own personal back office.


faq22222I have 9 € in pending for months, why do you not pay me?
It takes 15 euros at least to transfer monies onto your MasterCard.


I had 300 € in commission last week, but you only paid 250 €. Where are the 50€?
Page 24 of “Marketing Plan download… “AutoSave”
You must have earned commissions and not acquired any gold. The company promotes Gold Savings, thus helps you accumulate gold by paying you in paper money and real gold money.


I had 55 € in pending, now it’s 35 €. Where are the 20 € ?
20 Euros was allocated to purchase a Karatbars MasterCard from PFS.
Check INVOICES under MY GOLD tab, the MasterCard should arrive by international Air Mail from London in about 3-4 weeks. Some other countries take longer.


Why is the purchase button greyed out?
It is probably one of the following; not opened country, Not KYC Approved and trying to buy gold, or all three boxes in Purchase page are not clicked)


I’m using my Wells Fargo card, why is my purchase not going through?
You should always call the number on back of Credit Card and ask for Security and Fraud department… to let them know you are making an international purchase in foreign currency to a company in Germany and the processor is in London. I need to verify my limit is high enough and funds available to pay. Make sure that the name entered MATCHES exactly as it appears on the card.

Please note, we only accept MasterCard, American Express and Visa Credit Cards.

Below is the message that appears on purchase page when you click pay by Credit Card.

unchecked_checkbox Please read the message below and check the check-box in order to continue.

3 D Secure (Verify Visa/ MasterCard) is required for International purchases. Contact your bank provider Security-Fraud Department to verbally authorize transaction before you complete the purchase. If the Secure Visa / Secure MasterCard window pops up please enter your code to verify yourself as the credit card owner. DO NOT CLOSE THE PAGE WITHOUT READING.
I’m trying to purchase, but get the error ‘transaction not executed’. What does that mean? Several possibilities, most common are;

Credit/Debit card Must be 3D Secure/MasterCard Secure/Visa verified
Card info submitted does not match exact information on card, Profile, or record with bank You failed to respond to a call, text, or pop up page verification from your Bank/ Credit Card Not enough money on card
More than 10 transactions in a month or 10k for a non-Karatbars card is the limit.
Too many attempts in a period of time, securely blocking transaction as possible fraud.
Money is attempted to be drawn off a card from bank in another country, than the 2nd country
user is doing it from, with a 3rd country purchase is being made to


I placed my son on the left, but wanted him to go right/ I placed my son under my daughter, but wanted him to go under my wife. Can you move him/change sponsor?
Unfortunately once you placed your affiliates FAQ33333in their position, they cannot be moved.
HOWEVER if your affiliate have not purchased anything yet, we can suspend the account and then can re-register to be placed in your desired position or under their desired sponsor.

For safety purposes we need a confirmation sent from the registered e-mail address of the account in order to proceed with the suspension.

Please note that the suspended account will remain displayed in your down line in your back office, however it will have no use anymore and will not affect yours and your up-lines commissions/units in any way.

IMPORTANT: Please note, the placement is a pre-setting and once your affiliates are placed in their position, they cannot be moved.


I changed my mind, can I get a refund?
Terms and Conditions accepted by you on registration state that package purchases are not refundable. Contact Support regarding an immediate change of mind. If you try to cancel with your bank you will be black listed from the 3D Secure process. Any dispute should always be taken up with the Company, Not the bank.
Affiliate Terms & Conditions Sect 3, Para 5 states:
“The Affiliate will NOT be eligible to make a refund on business packages once a purchase has been completed. As an affiliate the purchase is considered a Business to Business transaction and cannot be refunded.


I made three purchases within seven days. Can I combine them?FAQ
If they were all STORED GOLD… you can make a Delivery Request under MY GOLD tab.
If they were ordered as Delivered orders, with 3 separate delivery fees, Contact Support
Unfortunately Corp cannot combine gold and package orders due to insurance reasons.
I ordered a happy birthday branding card one week ago and need it in one week. Can you ship it
Unfortunately other orders are pushed out in order of date and ready production availability.
So that most likely would not be a practical idea. A Team Leader in your group may have one to sell you. A good Idea would be to Plan better for that.


I want to switch teams, because my sponsor does not help me. Can I do that?
Per Karatbars International: found in NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE under GENERAL tab
6) We understand the excitement level as your organizations begin to grow.
However, I do want to impress on each of you that our company does not afford affiliates the opportunity to move to various sponsors within our organization. If an affiliate has registered previously under a particular sponsor, he/she cannot be moved to a new sponsor. We intend to respect the original sponsor which referred the Karatbars opportunity to you. There will be no exceptions to this rule. The ethics and integrity of each individual within our company must be maintained. If for some reason, you do not have access to your direct sponsor, we will connect you with the top Leaders in your group for help and support.
In the event a sponsor has violated our ethics clause, please notify a senior leadership council member or our corporate staff. The situation will be investigated.


FAQ981I want to set up a second personal account. Can I do that?
Karatbars and German Law, does not allow you to set up more than ONE Personal account.


I forgot the pin for my card/lost my card. Can you send me a new one?
To retrieve your Pin, go to CARD LOG IN under COMMISSIONS tab.
You will see instructions and different numbers to call to acquire the pin. In USA Call PFS 877-239-3069 and press 1

If you LOST the card… go to CARD LOG IN under COMMISSIONS tab. See numbers listed, in USA Call PFS 877-239-3069 and press 3


How can I load commissions onto my card?
Each pay cycle Commissions are automatically deposited onto your Activated Karatbars MasterCard by Corp, Fridays for Pending Dual Payout, First of month for Pending Unilevel Payout, as seen on your back office Dashboard (minimum deposit is 15 Euros)
And you are in Good Standing and are entitled to be paid.


How can I load monies from my bank account onto my card?
How to load your Karatbars Prepaid MasterCard: Credit Card
You can load funds onto your Karatbars Prepaid MasterCard from your registered credit card. Your Credit Card have to be registered at the PFS Company.

Should you wish to use this option you can call the PFS Customer Service Team on +44 (0)207
127 8165 or +44 207 125 0321, or USA 1 877 239 3069 where one of our representatives will assist you. You would need to send to PFS a picture of your Credit Card (back and front).

Please see the fee list with the following link:

Bank Transfer
Online banking is one of the quickest and easiest ways of topping up your Karatbars Prepaid MasterCard. The number of days it takes for money to clear by online banking very much depends on who you bank with.
If you would like to load funds to your Karatbars Prepaid MasterCard using bank transfer simply send an email to . They can then provide you with the bank account details. Ask your bank to transfer funds to their bank account or visit your local branch and hand over cash. Be sure to include your 16 digit card number as a reference so we know which card you want to credit! Once the funds have cleared in the account PFS will load the value received to your card.
Maximum Card load per day is 10k

Please see the fee list with the following link:


I purchased gold, but want to store it although I clicked shipping. Can you change it to storage and refund me the shipping fees?
Once a purchase did go through it cannot be changed, please make sure to choose storage as your shipping option in the checkout of your purchase.

In exceptional cases:
Any request as this, requires Support and accounting department to complete. Request must be by email on Profile of account requesting it.

You may also contact a Round Table member to aid in this. Request using this format EXACTLY as shown: