Credibility of Karatbars

Copy & Paste This To Send To Prospects:

We are currently doing business in 123 countries and growing.  

We get paid on time every time.  

Gold shipments are always received in a reasonable time.  

We received the only positive review that Jack Baugher, the owner of has EVER given.   In fact, he liked Karatbars business model so much, he is now aKaratbars affiliate.


We have been given high praise from an international attorney.

We have passed every audit that the German government has done with flying colors.

The Vatican approves of us and has their own Pope John Paul II card.

MasterCard approves of us and we have our own private branded MasterCard.

Matt Rettick, one of the top 1% of financial advisors in the world and bestselling author of All the Rules Have Changed which went to #1 in 24 hours and hosts the TV show Checks and Balances approves of us.

In fact, he and his compliance team spent a month reviewing Karatbars to find out why he should not join.  When they could not find a reason, he turned his financial company over to his son and became a full time Karatbars Affiliate.

Ricky Cardus, famous Grand Prix motorcycle racer from Spain approves of us.  His helmet and motorcycle bear the Karatbars logo.  He has 2 branded cards.

Real Madrid Football Club supports us.  We signed a licensing agreement with them.  The club is the most valuable sports team in the world, worth €2.5 billion ($3.4 billion) and also the world’s richest football club, with an annual revenue of €549.5 million.


Hockey Legend Guy Lafleur supports us with his own Karatbars branding card.


Hockey Legend Bobby Hull, the Golden Jet supports us with his own Karatbars branding card.

Martina Sablikova, world famous speed skater supports us with her own branding card.  The profits from the sale of these cards will help build the first ever indoor speed skating track in the Czech Republic.

Karatbars supports Voices of Africa with their own branded card.  This foundation is dedicated to providing sustainable development through information, empowerment, food and education to children in Africa.


And to top it off, we have thousands upon thousands of happy affiliates around the globe making money with Karatbars!

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