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Top Team Calls



AUG 10th – The Dr Tim DVD Call

JUN 9th – The Psychology of Warm Market

JUN 8th – NEW 3 Step System

FEB 9th – Powerleg Strategy Training

JAN 2nd – Super Packs with Dr Dennis Steigerwald


DEC 8th – Dr Dennis Steigerwald’s Testimony

NOV 22nd – Interview with Sammy Sarpong


NOV 10th – Posture….with Dave, Nadine, and Joey


OCT 25th – Britt Gober Training


OCT 20th – Interview with Global Economist Kenneth Schortgen Jr.


OCT 12th – Dr Tim Adair Unplugged


OCT 10th – Premium Pro Explained



SEPT 22nd – Karatbars Explained with Dave Struckman


SEPT 19th – Premium Package Call


SEPT 12th – Interview With Dr. Dennis Steigerwald


SEPT 6th – Ontario Smalls presents Karatbars to Pastors


AUG 31st – Motivation from Dave and Nadine


AUG 29th – Dr. Patrice’s team call with Pastor Larry Dye and Dave Struckman


AUG 23rd – The 5th Year Anniversary Incentive Focus Call


AUG 19th – 5th Anniversary Incentive Contest 2016


AUG 17th – Interview With Sherry Peel Jackson – Former IRS Agent

AUG 15th – Premium and Premium Professional Packages

AUG 11th – Interview with Shelly and Bruce Miller

AUG 9th – Interview With Dr. Dennis Steigerwald


AUG 4th – Interview with Kenneth Schortgen The Daily Economist

AUG 2nd – Kevin James Brown


JULY 25th – Focus

JULY 13th – What to Say to Prospects with Coach Joey


JULY 7th – Interview With ‘V’ The Guerrilla Econo-Mist

JULY 5th – Getting Started In Karatbars

JULY 4th – Training – Nadine

JUN 16th – Getting The Most Gold For The Best Price with Larger Orders

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JUN 15th – Smurfs To Savings with Dr. Yvonne Smith – ***** THIS IS A MUST LISTEN *****

JUN 7th –  The Bell Has Rung with Susan Sprouse


JUN 2nd – The Missing Ingredients


MAY 27th – Training with Dave