Listen to the recorded DVD Script Call Done August 10th First:

The Dr. Tim DVD Call



1. “The company that I am affiliated with encourages people to save money and they will pay you a referral commission to help others save money the best way….”

“Are you open to watching a DVD (or a 7 minute overview) that explains it?” (Commitment #1)

2. When do you think you could watch the dvd (or 7 minute capture page) for sure? (Commitment #2)

3.(then confirm) So if I call you Wednesday (if they committed to watching it on Tuesday) you will have seen it for sure, right?  (Commitment #3)

4. When you do a followup and they have not watched it yet you ask “when can you for sure for sure (say it twice) watch it?” and then go through steps again..

5. So if the prospect says “I will watch it on Thursday” you re-commit by saying “so, if I call you later on Thursday you will have watched it for sure right?”
If yes…”What time is best for me to call you Thursday evening?”

(Understand that they are committing to you, and this will increase the numbers of prospects that actually watch the dvd.)

Then schedule a three way to get the prospects questions answered……(and to get them to exposure number 2 which is “How you get paid” which is

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